1. 3D Exhibition

  2. A video tour through virtual 3D art gallery “GALERIE BEL’ART”, Stockholm

  3. A video tour through the virtual 3D photo gallery of London based agency DIVER & AGUILAR

  4. Online walk-through 3D art gallery BEL’ART, Stockholm

    As a compliment to a physical gallery and a website, Galerie Bel’Art in Stockholm now adds a 3D Gallery.
    The 3D Gallery will be a virtual space, where the gallery presents exhibitions and important works for sale.

    The first exhibition will be paintings by Arne Frifarare, A Decade of Painting.

    The 3D gallery is open from Wednesday April 24th, 2013 until June 20th, 2013 and only accessible online:


  5. GRAPHTWERK presents in association with RAINWOOD PRODUCTIONS a walk-through online gallery with photographs by Alexandra Leroy and Eli Maier, New York, USA.

    To visit the virtual exhibition follow the link: http://3dstellwerk.com/3d-gallery-showroom.phtml

  6. Diver & Aguilar present in association with Graphtwerk & Riders Magazine a virtual gallery of  five years of work in collaboration with Filippo la Bruna. These photographic essays cover a wide range of subject matter from original Rockers at the Ace Cafe, an in depth study of “Chiaroscuro” and the works of Caravaggio, through to a deeply searching moral inventory of human consumption and waste.



    3D Online Galerie http://3dstellwerk.com/3d-galerie-schauraum.phtml

    3D Online Gallery http://3dstellwerk.com/3d-gallery-showroom.phtml

  8. Collective exhibition accessible online in 3D with works by international graphic designers, illustrators and painters.

    Visit under: http://bit.ly/T1tNlP

  9. "PANHORAMA" - current exhibition by the artist Georg Brückmann at the gallery "Queen Anne" in Leipzig ( Germany) now accessible in real-time 3D under http://bit.ly/Yjfb86

    (Source: 3dstellwerk.com)

  10. GRAPHTWERK.COM presents the gallery Queen Anne (Spinnerei Leipzig) in real-time 3D. The current exhibition “Herdentiere” (herd animals) from September 15th till Oktober 21st 2012 in Leipzig with artworks by Undine Bandelin & Dana Meyer is now accessible for visitors from all around the world online in 3D. Join the virtual 3D exhibition here: http://bit.ly/QHE6Lp